Permitted Uses

The videos, demos, and contents included with all of our products are legally protected by copyright. All rights except those explicitly specified are expressly reserved.
  1. Our products and their contents may not be modified, reproduced, duplicated, extracted, sold, published, converted to other formats, or otherwise distributed in any medium or format. We are the exclusive source for these products, and we do not sell them via distributors or resellers. They may not be incorporated into other products, packages, or software, and they may not be resold in any form.
  2. Our products may only be used for in-person presentations by the customer. Their contents may not be posted or presented online (even over a secure intranet). They may not be added to repositories, libraries, or on websites of any sort. They may not be shown on television or over the Internet. If your presentation will be recorded for distribution, the recording may not include any part of our products.
  3. Our products are licensed to the individual customer and are for use by that customer only. If you are interested in a site-license for your institution, please contact us by email.

Covid-19 online use

Prior to the pandemic, our products could only be used for in-person presentations. However, we recognize that most in-person training and presentations have shifted to online formats. In light of the need for many organizations to transition to online-only training and presentations, we are adjusting our use restrictions to allow for online presentations for the duration of the pandemic. Online use of our products is limited by the following specific restrictions:
  1. Live Only. The videos may not be recorded, posted, or distributed. They may be used only for live, streaming presentations, and the presentations may not be saved for later posting or recorded in any way. If presentations are recorded, our videos must be removed before they are posted or distributed.
  2. Limited Audience. The audience for any presentation using our videos is restricted to a traditional audience for a training or presentation. The presentation may not be accessible to the general public. It cannot, for example, be used for a YouTube live streaming event or any other event with unlimited, open participation from the broader public.


If you have trouble using one of our products, please check the Frequent Questions page for troubleshooting tips that almost always resolve the problems. If those tips do not help, please email us and we will work with you to rectify the problem. If you have questions about the contents of our products, you can learn more about them on our Products page and on our Home page. Please read about our products and their contents before placing your order -- we cannot grant refunds for purchases of our downloadable products.


We consider all information provided by our customers to be confidential. We process credit cards directly on, one of the most trusted names in card processing. After your purchase is completed, we do not save or store your credit card information. We will securely store your email address and contact information for our records, but under no circumstances will we sell any of this information to any third party. Note: If you purchased a downloadable DVD via FlickRocket (our download option before August 2016), they will have access to your email address for technical support purposes. They have assured us that they do not sell or distribute customer emails in any way.