New in 2017 -- The Inattentional Blindness Collection!

The Inattentional Blindness Collection includes the famous Selective Attention Test and it is the only source for the famous Monkey Business Illusion. The videos in this collection can be incorporated directly into your in-person presentations. Learn more on our Products page.

About Viscog Productions

Viscog Productions, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the goal of collecting powerful demonstrations for use in presentations by speakers, teachers, consultants, and trainers. Each of our collections includes many short videos and demonstrations that allow presenters to induce failures of awareness in their audiences and to illustrate how easily people can miss the obvious. All of the videos on our DVDs come directly from the research of scientists who study attention and perception. Because we provide the actual demonstrations used by the scientists in their research, the videos lack Hollywood production values. Critically, though, they have documented effectiveness. With each collection, we tips for presenting and explaining the demonstrations.

About Our Products

All of our products are now available exclusively as digital downloads. You can download them immediately after you complete your purchase. Surprising Studies Volumes 1, 2, and 1+2 are all downloadable DVDs that can be played using your computer's DVD playback software or burned to a DVD disk for playback on a regular DVD player. Surprising Studies of Visual Awareness (vol 1) includes the Selective Attention Test gorilla video (1999) from Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris. Surprising Studies of Visual Awareness (vol 2) includes the famous "door" study and many other new demos. Surprising Studies Volume 1+2 combines all of on a single DVD disk (vol 1+2). All of them can be played using software that came with your computer or using free programs like VLC Media Player. You can use them just as you would a regular DVD. In 2017, we released the The Inattentional Blindness Collection. It is our first collection of stand-alone videos that can be incorporated directly into your presentations. It is the only one of our products to include the Monkey Business Illusion. You can view and order all of our products and learn more about each on our Products page. (Note: The shopping part of our website has a different appearance than the rest of our site.)